Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I just got done watching Shay Carl's vlogs about going on his diet which started yesterday, friday. And I have decided to join in, I am not going to do the same exact as he but I am going to cut out the cola's, beer, CHIPS (my addiction), junk food in general. I am going to drink water and eat fruits and veggies mostly (cooked) and I am also going to join in with his "more then you were doing before" work out plan and I am going to do some push ups and crunches and jog around the block.

I am doing this because lets put it out there after high school I stopped my physical activity and now I have a gut no longer the six pack I had before. So I think I am going to put pictures up on here of my progress over the next 20 days.

Tomorrow we will get down to brass tacks and tackle this diet head on. LETS DO THIS.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ello ello,

Ok, so I just read my last blog from a long time ago. I haven't been on here in a long time. Anyway I was reading it and I thought I sounded stupid and I feel that I sent the wrong message. the message I wanted to send was Ukuleles are a fun and exciting instrument to play. I love playing my concert ukulele, and I love playing it for my friends and family, the only thing I can't stand is when people that play "normal" instruments or "mainstream" instruments, I guess that sounds ok, like guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, violin, piano, stuff of the sort, those people not all of them infact I am sure its probably a small percent. But any way they look down on instruments like the ukulele that aren't as popular. I don't know, thats how I see it.

But anyway, I plan on getting back on here more often because I want to. I know nobody follows me but I will write on here anyway for my imaginary friends. Umm, I mean, nevermind I'm already down that road no turning back now. For all of you out there friends I will write as often as I can.

I also plan on, tonight (it is 1:30 in the am) working on stopping my procrastination habit. It has become a real problem. I have three papers due tomorrow at 9:30, luckily they don't have to be super long and I can get them done but this allnighter shtuff has to stop. I am ruining myself.

Plans for the future.
1. get a new computer I am thinking studio 15 my real friend loves his and he highly suggests getting it.
2. get a digital camcorder, I dont know what kind I will have to look into it.
3. maybe actually start a vlog maybe or create videos of my uke skills (which are nothing like most people on youtube, I am a big pile of poop compared to them but i love to play anyway).
4. become more structured. i need to or i will fail at life.

thank you all and much love,

Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry for my absence. But I have been thinking lately, dangerous I know. But listen. Here is the thing. UKULELES ARE NOT NOVELTIES.

They are not some joke insturment that should be taken as if "Oh he plays the ukulele isnt that nifty." If that is how you look at it then fuck you, you obviousely dont take music serious.

Sorry I kinda flew off the handle there but it just makes me so mad when I tell people I play ukulele and they laugh like its some kinda joke instrument. The ukulele sounds more beautiful then guitar or just as beautiful as piano, or harp, or something of the sort.

basically I told my friends boyfriend we will call her K, and her boyfriend R. They play in a band together some indy band pretty good. So I go hang out with them one night and R and myself are talking about music and i bring up that i play ukulele and he says "thats pretty neat I mean it seems like a novelty thing, thats pretty neat though."

WHAT THE FUCK if i had said your music is mediocre he would have taken offence right? RIGHT. but he can insult the instruments i play as novelty. i am just kinda pissed.


I play it because i like to make people happy with the music i play and i am serious about the instrument.

All i am saying is don't insult my instruments or interests in music, i dont do that to you.

Much Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OMG! So tonight I had my first Practicum II class, and oh my gosh I am freaking out about it. basically I have 2 weeks to observe 35 hours and teach one lesson to a kindergarten. I am not looking forward to the next two weeks. Basically I am freaking out about how much work I have to do in the next 4 weeks, which happens to be a fuck load.

Much love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I need to start reading again. I stopped for about a month and I guess it's because I read like 10 books from the start of the new year. Maybe that's not a lot to you but it is to me. My next book that I am about to read/started to read is The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe by Douglas Adams. He is a very funny righter and makes some amazing observations about the human race that are just astounding and true. When reading this book it is, in my opinion, an insult to him if you aren't pondering these observations. Basically, there is a little bit of everyone in his books. If you haven't read any books in the Hitch Hikers Series I think you should, at least read the first book Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

After that I think I am going to read the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series so people stop asking me if i read it or not. In my opinion the T.V. show is way better than the first book because there is more conflict and more character interaction. The book is basically stream of consciousness and I really don't like that type of book, so we will see how the second novel fares and go from there.

After that I don't know because I have a lot of books to read and school on top of that. Wish me luck

Much Love

Monday, May 11, 2009

new idea and work...

OK so I am going to blog every weekday and do one post on Monday about the weekend so there you have it.

Now what happened this past weekend. Dinner Friday with friends then a card game I won 85 dollars at then sleep because of work the next day. I am going to skip Soccer Reffing for now and get back to it in a bit. Saturday night I was supposed to go see Mad Sweet Pangs play at Deer Park but I got drunk with my Ma and Brother on some wine in stead. Sunday was Mothers Day and I played a song I made up on the spot for my Grandma on my uke. Then I went to The Sleeping show and had a blast.

Now the Reffing fiasco.

OK so I had to be at work before 8 because my first game was at 8. I had a bad game, I missed calls it was just a mess for me I know that. Well one of the coaches is a co-worker of mine, meaning she is also a ref for the place I work (not saying where I work so they don't suffer any more disrespect or embarrassment). Well she has a lot more years of soccer reffing then I do and she knows whats going on. She was very mad about the game because I was doing a bad job. Well the way she handled the situation was completely unprofessional. She came over to the pavillion where the other refs sit wating for their next match and parents come to sit and if they have questions ask them. So there I sit with two other refs talking and there are two parents and a child behind us talking. This Coach/Ref/Co-worker of mine comes up obviously upset about the game and decides to nit pick about everything I am doing wrong and the other refs are doing wrong. She laid into me about the game I just reffed saying its about the safty of the kids and I get that the she starts attacking our attire, (us being the other two refs sitting there and myself) from our shorts to our jewelry to the time pieces we use to keep the time of the match. Now I can take this criticizem it will make me a better ref, what I can't take is how she went about handleing the whole deal. It showed disrespect to myself the two other refs and the place I work for. It showed disrespect because she yelled at us infront of parents, I wouldnt have a problem if she had pulled us aside and talked to us.

So I get an email from my boss today asking me to call him. So I do. He wants my side of what happened and I tell him everything (there is alot more but that is basically the jist) and he agrees with me. I told him I didn't want to involve him and I was going to try and talk this out with the women but she didn't want to go that route she wanted to email my boss/HER boss (her and I are equals she has no authority over me at our place of work) and complain about me. So I tell him I was going to talk to her and he said I still can and also he agrees with me and she is an explitive. Which I totally agree with. And come Saturday I am going to tell this B word what the hell is up.

So there you have it. I am alittle calmed down to know that my boss agrees with me but I won't be happy until she knows that she was very disrespectful and owes myself the other two refs i was with and the place we work for an apology.

Much love

Thursday, May 7, 2009


To Tell you the truth I have been staring at the damn computer screen all day finishing an exam and I don't really want to blog but I challenged myself so here I go.

I am done with this damned semester so far my grades are B, B, B+, A. I am waiting on one last grade which I don't know when I will get it. I don't even really have a freaking break from school I start summer session this week coming up, I start tuesday which is the 12th. to tell you the truth I just want to sit back with my ukulele drink a beer and maybe sleep BUT NOOOOO. I don't get to do that I work all day tomorrow from something like 11 to 3 or something and then I am going to a concert (Valencia (and I am not down about that)) after work. the i work all day saturday from 8 to 5 which sucks then after that I have this feeling that I am doing something but right now if the weather is nice I am going to buy a 12 pack of Sam Adam's and grab my Elora and sit in my back yard and relax.

Hell I still have this Banana & Pineapple song to write. I mean I have some really good ideas it's just finding the time to actually sit and write it is hard to do.

I think that blog about Global Warming is coming soon....
Maybe next week.

Much Love

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BEDM #6 Ukulele and UEFA

Well today was not a productive day however I feel like I got a lot accomplished. (the accomplishment will come tonight when I spend all night finishing up a paper and sending it in tomorrow morning).

The coolest thing I did today was watch ukuleleunderground's live lesson and learn FOTC Beautiful Girl on ukulele. Now I can add that to my growing list of songs I know on the uke. All I need to do now is learn the lyrics which shouldn't be too hard all I have to do is listen to the song like 5 or 10 times with the lyrics and I got it. My next song is going to be Breakdown by Jack Johnson which doesn't look that hard.

On another topic, I watched the last half of the Chelsea v. Barcelona game. Let me tell you reffing U6 and U8 games is fun and slow and not near the level of UEFA games. HOWEVER, I feel I could have reffed the game today alot better then that ref did. Don't get me wrong i wanted Barc. to win but i mean come on there were some calls that were just horrible and some calls that he just didn't even call. It was just disgusting.

With in the next couple of weeks I will talk about Global Warming because it's a hot topic and I feel like people are blowing way out of proportion. Not that humans couldn't help out mother nature instead of beating her up and robbing her, but we aren't totally to blame. But more on that in the coming posts.

Much love

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So today is May 5th or Cinco de Mayo. Which is not Mexico's independence day. May 5th is actually the day that the Mexican Army kicked Frances ASS at the Battle of Puebla. So basically General Seguin took the Mexican Army and stomped the French army who just so happened to out number and out man the M.A.

I want every American to listen to me here. MAY 5TH IS NOT MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY THAT IS SEPTEMBER 16TH!!! Today we celebrate mexican heritage which I love because Mexico is part of American. Believe it or not MEXICO IS PART OF AMERICA. I also love it because it brings a good majority of people together (it may not bring the racist together with mexicans but you can't win them all).

So in closing I raise my glass to the Mexican Army and their awesome fighting at the Battle of Puebla.

Tomorrow, maybe I will talk about the first person to have a face transplant or maybe I will talk about the massive amount of books I have to read (for my own enjoyment).

Much love

Monday, May 4, 2009

BEDM #4 Learning something new

Sorry this is so late I was very distracted with my uke. I found the really cool website with songs on the uke. like Blitzkreg Bop and My Ding-A-Ling and a bunch of other cool songs.

Nothing really exciting happened to day to tell you the truth I don't even think i learned anything new today. HOWEVER, yesterday I learned something new wait actually I think I learned this thing at like 1 this morning so yes I did learn something new to day...
And that new thing is on the outside of a pineapple the rough outside, those are flowers I didn't know that HOW COOL IS THAT. Now the reason I found this out is because I am working on a song about bananas and pineapples and let me tell you this bit of information makes the story of the song pretty clear what its going to be about.

When I get all the lyrics figured out I will put them up here also this song is going to be dedicated to two nerdfighters but you will find out who they are when I post the lyrics.

Now I am going to go back to the uke maybe get one nerdfighter chat.

Much love

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BEDM #3 attraction and oinkbarf.

Physical attraction is needed for a romantic relationship, it really is. Now Im not saying that it should be the driving force behind the relationship at all, but it does need to be there. A person can love spending time with someone they have fun with and argue with and generally like, and not be physically attracted to that person, that is called friendship. Believe me its possible I have plenty of "girl" friend that I am not physically attracted to, don't get me wrong most of my chick friends are very beautiful but I am just friends with them because that is how the relationship works best. If you are not attracted to a person don't try to force the relationship further it won't work. And I think thats all I have on the topic for now, if I keep going I will probably just be repeating myself.

Now as for oinkbarf (swineflu)...

IT'S JUST THE FLU!!!!!!!!!

Thats all it is. Nothing more nothing less. "But Joey people have died from it." Oh fuck really what are we going to do... Oh wait I forgot 100s of people die from the regular flu each year and thats the regular flu. Get over it IT'S JUST THE FLU. How do you know if you have oinkbarf you run a high temperature, you get conjested, you might spew, that sounds like the flu to me wait isn't that how the regular flu works too. Yeah I think it is. University of Delaware is so freaked out they are canceling all of their public events. This is stupid. Everyone is getting stressed out, and when you get stressed you immune system weakens. So here is my advise don't stress and drink orange juice, milk, and apple juice. And you will be fine.

Sorry for the angery vibe in the blog today.

Much love


Saturday, May 2, 2009

BEDM #2 Surprisingly not a bad day

Ok so in short my day went like this:

Got up at 7 to go ref soccer but it was cancelled because of the ran. So instead I helped my dad with the kitchen, but really I hardly helped at all because he had other people there with him so after that I went to work at the library then back home to finish work on the kitchen. And now I am here.

Now what I spent a majority of my day doing was playing ukulele. I was getting some melodies out on that wonderful instrument, and let me tell you, I have two melodies that are strumming and one fingerpicking melody. Basically it was a really productive day for the ukulele. Now all I have to do is get some lyrics out but the only thing is I dont know what kind of song to write maybe a funny one maybe a love song hell maybe a little bit of both. Well we shall see.

Now it's time for a shower and a venture in to Newark to maybe hit a couple of bars, maybe drink at my friends house and jam, who knows.

Much love

If anyone has any suggestions for songs (mainly a song topic not a song type) let me know I would love some ideas.
Ok so first blog of May.

Here we go...

So I realize this is technically Saturday but I haven't fallen asleep yet so its still Friday to me and boy was this one hell of a friday. So I passed out last night watching brotherhood 2.0 because I am catching up on all the awesome nerfighter stuff I missed out on the first two years. I am watching BH2.0 while I should be doing school work and so I pass out and wake up at 8 this morning and only have 2 sentences of my 5 page paper that is due at 5 pm today. So I work on this paper all day with plenty of distractions (damn ADD). Finally I get the paper done although I am late for work, however I did call in to tell them I would be late, and its the library so they didn't really mind.

After work, which was pretty good even though I was and still am dead tired, I went to my softball game which is always fun because even though I play I still heckle my team mates. We lost a lot to a little. after that we all went to Buffilo Wild Wings and had a great time until my friend Joe got in to an argument with my Dad. They both stood up like they were going to fight but nothing happened. And to tell you the truth I was actually hoping my Dad punched Joe in the face and put him on his ass (but I digress(that actually may not fit here)). I mean I know how both of them are and they are both stubborn Decepticons. Now I am not upset that my Dad and Joe got in to it, I am upset that my Dad got on my friend Lori's case about what happened during the softball game and it upset her. Lori is sweet and awesome and I lover her and my Dad sure knows how to be a dead horse. So that is why I am upset.

After hanging out at BWW a little long I am now home where I realized that it is technically May 2 and said to myself shit I need to blog. So here I am at 12:45 in the AM and I need to be up by 7 so I can get to the soccer fields on time to ref my games. Also I haven't decided whether I am going out tomorrow night or staying in and actually getting some sleep. We shall see.

Much Love

BEDM Prepost

ok so there will be three post today including this one i am going to blog everyday in may. i got the idea from Maureen Johnson when she was supposed to blog everyday in april but ended up getting her fans to do it instead. so i am blogging everyday in may because i missed the train with that one.
this blog doesnt count i wrote yesterdays blog on my nerdfighter account so i will just copy and past it over to this one. so there will be this one which doesnt count, yesterdays and todays for my first day of blogging on this website.
i hope that doing this will get me back into writing. i hope it will give me ideas for songs, poems, pros, and maybe even a short story or two.

much love

the punctuation and what not will be better in the following blog posts.