Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I just got done watching Shay Carl's vlogs about going on his diet which started yesterday, friday. And I have decided to join in, I am not going to do the same exact as he but I am going to cut out the cola's, beer, CHIPS (my addiction), junk food in general. I am going to drink water and eat fruits and veggies mostly (cooked) and I am also going to join in with his "more then you were doing before" work out plan and I am going to do some push ups and crunches and jog around the block.

I am doing this because lets put it out there after high school I stopped my physical activity and now I have a gut no longer the six pack I had before. So I think I am going to put pictures up on here of my progress over the next 20 days.

Tomorrow we will get down to brass tacks and tackle this diet head on. LETS DO THIS.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ello ello,

Ok, so I just read my last blog from a long time ago. I haven't been on here in a long time. Anyway I was reading it and I thought I sounded stupid and I feel that I sent the wrong message. the message I wanted to send was Ukuleles are a fun and exciting instrument to play. I love playing my concert ukulele, and I love playing it for my friends and family, the only thing I can't stand is when people that play "normal" instruments or "mainstream" instruments, I guess that sounds ok, like guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, violin, piano, stuff of the sort, those people not all of them infact I am sure its probably a small percent. But any way they look down on instruments like the ukulele that aren't as popular. I don't know, thats how I see it.

But anyway, I plan on getting back on here more often because I want to. I know nobody follows me but I will write on here anyway for my imaginary friends. Umm, I mean, nevermind I'm already down that road no turning back now. For all of you out there friends I will write as often as I can.

I also plan on, tonight (it is 1:30 in the am) working on stopping my procrastination habit. It has become a real problem. I have three papers due tomorrow at 9:30, luckily they don't have to be super long and I can get them done but this allnighter shtuff has to stop. I am ruining myself.

Plans for the future.
1. get a new computer I am thinking studio 15 my real friend loves his and he highly suggests getting it.
2. get a digital camcorder, I dont know what kind I will have to look into it.
3. maybe actually start a vlog maybe or create videos of my uke skills (which are nothing like most people on youtube, I am a big pile of poop compared to them but i love to play anyway).
4. become more structured. i need to or i will fail at life.

thank you all and much love,