Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I just got done watching Shay Carl's vlogs about going on his diet which started yesterday, friday. And I have decided to join in, I am not going to do the same exact as he but I am going to cut out the cola's, beer, CHIPS (my addiction), junk food in general. I am going to drink water and eat fruits and veggies mostly (cooked) and I am also going to join in with his "more then you were doing before" work out plan and I am going to do some push ups and crunches and jog around the block.

I am doing this because lets put it out there after high school I stopped my physical activity and now I have a gut no longer the six pack I had before. So I think I am going to put pictures up on here of my progress over the next 20 days.

Tomorrow we will get down to brass tacks and tackle this diet head on. LETS DO THIS.

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