Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BEDM #6 Ukulele and UEFA

Well today was not a productive day however I feel like I got a lot accomplished. (the accomplishment will come tonight when I spend all night finishing up a paper and sending it in tomorrow morning).

The coolest thing I did today was watch ukuleleunderground's live lesson and learn FOTC Beautiful Girl on ukulele. Now I can add that to my growing list of songs I know on the uke. All I need to do now is learn the lyrics which shouldn't be too hard all I have to do is listen to the song like 5 or 10 times with the lyrics and I got it. My next song is going to be Breakdown by Jack Johnson which doesn't look that hard.

On another topic, I watched the last half of the Chelsea v. Barcelona game. Let me tell you reffing U6 and U8 games is fun and slow and not near the level of UEFA games. HOWEVER, I feel I could have reffed the game today alot better then that ref did. Don't get me wrong i wanted Barc. to win but i mean come on there were some calls that were just horrible and some calls that he just didn't even call. It was just disgusting.

With in the next couple of weeks I will talk about Global Warming because it's a hot topic and I feel like people are blowing way out of proportion. Not that humans couldn't help out mother nature instead of beating her up and robbing her, but we aren't totally to blame. But more on that in the coming posts.

Much love

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