Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry for my absence. But I have been thinking lately, dangerous I know. But listen. Here is the thing. UKULELES ARE NOT NOVELTIES.

They are not some joke insturment that should be taken as if "Oh he plays the ukulele isnt that nifty." If that is how you look at it then fuck you, you obviousely dont take music serious.

Sorry I kinda flew off the handle there but it just makes me so mad when I tell people I play ukulele and they laugh like its some kinda joke instrument. The ukulele sounds more beautiful then guitar or just as beautiful as piano, or harp, or something of the sort.

basically I told my friends boyfriend we will call her K, and her boyfriend R. They play in a band together some indy band pretty good. So I go hang out with them one night and R and myself are talking about music and i bring up that i play ukulele and he says "thats pretty neat I mean it seems like a novelty thing, thats pretty neat though."

WHAT THE FUCK if i had said your music is mediocre he would have taken offence right? RIGHT. but he can insult the instruments i play as novelty. i am just kinda pissed.


I play it because i like to make people happy with the music i play and i am serious about the instrument.

All i am saying is don't insult my instruments or interests in music, i dont do that to you.

Much Love

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