Sunday, May 3, 2009

BEDM #3 attraction and oinkbarf.

Physical attraction is needed for a romantic relationship, it really is. Now Im not saying that it should be the driving force behind the relationship at all, but it does need to be there. A person can love spending time with someone they have fun with and argue with and generally like, and not be physically attracted to that person, that is called friendship. Believe me its possible I have plenty of "girl" friend that I am not physically attracted to, don't get me wrong most of my chick friends are very beautiful but I am just friends with them because that is how the relationship works best. If you are not attracted to a person don't try to force the relationship further it won't work. And I think thats all I have on the topic for now, if I keep going I will probably just be repeating myself.

Now as for oinkbarf (swineflu)...

IT'S JUST THE FLU!!!!!!!!!

Thats all it is. Nothing more nothing less. "But Joey people have died from it." Oh fuck really what are we going to do... Oh wait I forgot 100s of people die from the regular flu each year and thats the regular flu. Get over it IT'S JUST THE FLU. How do you know if you have oinkbarf you run a high temperature, you get conjested, you might spew, that sounds like the flu to me wait isn't that how the regular flu works too. Yeah I think it is. University of Delaware is so freaked out they are canceling all of their public events. This is stupid. Everyone is getting stressed out, and when you get stressed you immune system weakens. So here is my advise don't stress and drink orange juice, milk, and apple juice. And you will be fine.

Sorry for the angery vibe in the blog today.

Much love


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