Monday, May 11, 2009

new idea and work...

OK so I am going to blog every weekday and do one post on Monday about the weekend so there you have it.

Now what happened this past weekend. Dinner Friday with friends then a card game I won 85 dollars at then sleep because of work the next day. I am going to skip Soccer Reffing for now and get back to it in a bit. Saturday night I was supposed to go see Mad Sweet Pangs play at Deer Park but I got drunk with my Ma and Brother on some wine in stead. Sunday was Mothers Day and I played a song I made up on the spot for my Grandma on my uke. Then I went to The Sleeping show and had a blast.

Now the Reffing fiasco.

OK so I had to be at work before 8 because my first game was at 8. I had a bad game, I missed calls it was just a mess for me I know that. Well one of the coaches is a co-worker of mine, meaning she is also a ref for the place I work (not saying where I work so they don't suffer any more disrespect or embarrassment). Well she has a lot more years of soccer reffing then I do and she knows whats going on. She was very mad about the game because I was doing a bad job. Well the way she handled the situation was completely unprofessional. She came over to the pavillion where the other refs sit wating for their next match and parents come to sit and if they have questions ask them. So there I sit with two other refs talking and there are two parents and a child behind us talking. This Coach/Ref/Co-worker of mine comes up obviously upset about the game and decides to nit pick about everything I am doing wrong and the other refs are doing wrong. She laid into me about the game I just reffed saying its about the safty of the kids and I get that the she starts attacking our attire, (us being the other two refs sitting there and myself) from our shorts to our jewelry to the time pieces we use to keep the time of the match. Now I can take this criticizem it will make me a better ref, what I can't take is how she went about handleing the whole deal. It showed disrespect to myself the two other refs and the place I work for. It showed disrespect because she yelled at us infront of parents, I wouldnt have a problem if she had pulled us aside and talked to us.

So I get an email from my boss today asking me to call him. So I do. He wants my side of what happened and I tell him everything (there is alot more but that is basically the jist) and he agrees with me. I told him I didn't want to involve him and I was going to try and talk this out with the women but she didn't want to go that route she wanted to email my boss/HER boss (her and I are equals she has no authority over me at our place of work) and complain about me. So I tell him I was going to talk to her and he said I still can and also he agrees with me and she is an explitive. Which I totally agree with. And come Saturday I am going to tell this B word what the hell is up.

So there you have it. I am alittle calmed down to know that my boss agrees with me but I won't be happy until she knows that she was very disrespectful and owes myself the other two refs i was with and the place we work for an apology.

Much love

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