Thursday, May 7, 2009


To Tell you the truth I have been staring at the damn computer screen all day finishing an exam and I don't really want to blog but I challenged myself so here I go.

I am done with this damned semester so far my grades are B, B, B+, A. I am waiting on one last grade which I don't know when I will get it. I don't even really have a freaking break from school I start summer session this week coming up, I start tuesday which is the 12th. to tell you the truth I just want to sit back with my ukulele drink a beer and maybe sleep BUT NOOOOO. I don't get to do that I work all day tomorrow from something like 11 to 3 or something and then I am going to a concert (Valencia (and I am not down about that)) after work. the i work all day saturday from 8 to 5 which sucks then after that I have this feeling that I am doing something but right now if the weather is nice I am going to buy a 12 pack of Sam Adam's and grab my Elora and sit in my back yard and relax.

Hell I still have this Banana & Pineapple song to write. I mean I have some really good ideas it's just finding the time to actually sit and write it is hard to do.

I think that blog about Global Warming is coming soon....
Maybe next week.

Much Love

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