Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So today is May 5th or Cinco de Mayo. Which is not Mexico's independence day. May 5th is actually the day that the Mexican Army kicked Frances ASS at the Battle of Puebla. So basically General Seguin took the Mexican Army and stomped the French army who just so happened to out number and out man the M.A.

I want every American to listen to me here. MAY 5TH IS NOT MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY THAT IS SEPTEMBER 16TH!!! Today we celebrate mexican heritage which I love because Mexico is part of American. Believe it or not MEXICO IS PART OF AMERICA. I also love it because it brings a good majority of people together (it may not bring the racist together with mexicans but you can't win them all).

So in closing I raise my glass to the Mexican Army and their awesome fighting at the Battle of Puebla.

Tomorrow, maybe I will talk about the first person to have a face transplant or maybe I will talk about the massive amount of books I have to read (for my own enjoyment).

Much love

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