Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ok so first blog of May.

Here we go...

So I realize this is technically Saturday but I haven't fallen asleep yet so its still Friday to me and boy was this one hell of a friday. So I passed out last night watching brotherhood 2.0 because I am catching up on all the awesome nerfighter stuff I missed out on the first two years. I am watching BH2.0 while I should be doing school work and so I pass out and wake up at 8 this morning and only have 2 sentences of my 5 page paper that is due at 5 pm today. So I work on this paper all day with plenty of distractions (damn ADD). Finally I get the paper done although I am late for work, however I did call in to tell them I would be late, and its the library so they didn't really mind.

After work, which was pretty good even though I was and still am dead tired, I went to my softball game which is always fun because even though I play I still heckle my team mates. We lost a lot to a little. after that we all went to Buffilo Wild Wings and had a great time until my friend Joe got in to an argument with my Dad. They both stood up like they were going to fight but nothing happened. And to tell you the truth I was actually hoping my Dad punched Joe in the face and put him on his ass (but I digress(that actually may not fit here)). I mean I know how both of them are and they are both stubborn Decepticons. Now I am not upset that my Dad and Joe got in to it, I am upset that my Dad got on my friend Lori's case about what happened during the softball game and it upset her. Lori is sweet and awesome and I lover her and my Dad sure knows how to be a dead horse. So that is why I am upset.

After hanging out at BWW a little long I am now home where I realized that it is technically May 2 and said to myself shit I need to blog. So here I am at 12:45 in the AM and I need to be up by 7 so I can get to the soccer fields on time to ref my games. Also I haven't decided whether I am going out tomorrow night or staying in and actually getting some sleep. We shall see.

Much Love

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